Last games

For the last round of these championships, the French Théo Ambrosino obviously hopes to keep this first place, he must win his match against the Indian Aryan B Joshi, one of the 4 players with 4 points behind the Frenchman with 4.5 points. The Swedish Johansson Tage is opposed to the Indian Marimuthu K. At the end of this final round, the situation is totally reversed as the Frenchman loses his match, and the Swedish second wins his. The Frenchman finishes 5th in the final junior ranking which crowns the Swedish Junior World Champion !
The junior podium is : 1st Johansson Tage, 2nd Aryan B Joshi, 3rd Racis Michal.

On the women’s side, Lubov faced the Indonesian Wilma Margaretha Sinaga and won her match, thus retaining her World Champion title. The podium was completed by Anna Stolarcyk who defeated Mira Jatnikasari from Indonesia and Emilia Egeman who took third place after her draw against another Indonesian, Khairunissa.
The French Clémentine Kruk did not manage to take the advantage over the Uzbek Jumonova Durona and finishes these championships in 22nd place with 3.5 points.