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The F.F.E (French Chess Federation) was founded on March 19, 1921, under the law of July 1, 1901. Its purpose is to promote, control and direct the practice of chess in France and on all the French national territory. It is recognized as a sports federation since January 19, 2000. It has the youth and popular education approval. The French Chess Federation is the only national federation affiliated to the International Chess Federation (F.I.D.E.), of which it was a founding member in Paris, July 20, 1924.
The Federation counted 54 860 licensees on August 31, 2018, grouped in 908 clubs.

Ligue des Echecs d’Occitane

Occitan Chess League

The Ligue des Echecs d’Occitanie is a deconcentrated organ of the French Chess Federation and thus has the same objectives. It gathers 96 clubs in the Occitan region, that is 4592 licensed.
Its president is Pierre LEBLIC and its vice-presidents, Françoise CWIEK and François BRESSY.
Its head office is located in the building of the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee,
7 rue André Citroën 31130 BALMA.

City of Castelnaudary

Welcome to the land of the Cassoulet of Castelnaudary, the charming and sunny land of the Lauragais crossed by the Canal du Midi, in the Aude, Cathar county.

When we were looking for a place to host these World Chess Championships for the blind and visually impaired, we very quickly chose Castelnaudary, whose dynamic and enthusiastic teams were able to help us make this organisation a reality.

Discover : Site web Ville de Castelnaudary - Site web Castelnaudary Tourisme

Conseil Départemental de l’AUDE

AUDE Department

The Aude is named after the river that flows through it. Although it was created as a department in 1790, there are traces of human life dating back to more than a million years BC. The Romans settled here. The Visigoths invaded. It was one of the cradles of Catharism. A wine-growing area with contrasting landscapes, its vast territory allows you to be at the beach in the morning and in the mountains in the afternoon... or the other way round ! With its strong culture, traditions and heritage, the Aude and its 370,000 inhabitants cultivate with passion a unique way of life while looking resolutely to the future.

Occitanie Region

The Occitanie Region

The region of Occitanie is a territory of 72,724 km2 for 13 departments and 5.893 million inhabitants.

Communauté de Commune de Castelnaudary

Communauté de communes de Castelnaudary Lauragais Audois
is a group of cities close to Castelnaudary